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Yuen Tung was founded in 1970. We were the first factory set up in Singapore by Hong Kong craftsman on the invitation by then Prime Minister, Mr Lee Kuan Yew, on his visit to Hong Kong to set up a jewellery manufacturing industry in Singapore.

Yuen Tung started out as a pure manufacturing factory in the Lower Delta factory supplying jewellery to jewellers in Singapore and Malaysia. Industry changes, high manufacturing and labour cost triggered Yuen Tung Jewellery to transform from a pure manufacturing factory to a custom make private jeweller. Yuen Tung has since been making pieces for individual clients in the same premises.

Mr Lui Kam Wah, started his apprenticeship at age 13, learned his craft and his business philosophy in his native Hong Kong. He ventured to Japan (which is renowned for it's workmanship) for 5 years to work as a master craftsman. Upon return, he saw the opportunity and decided to move to Singapore and set up the business with a partner.

The family owned business now, has a friendly and casual atmosphere. His son, Whye Hoe, a graduate gemologist has become part of the business back office and the face of the store, doing buying and trading overseas as well as at the retail showroom.

Yuen Tung specializes in custom made jewellery, wedding bands and engagement rings, providing quality and beautiful jewellery. Over the years, many of our clients have become close friends and are into the third generation clientele. It is our continuous pleasure to serve you and it is in our hope, that Yuen Tung will continue to be deemed your personal jeweller. And to our new clients, we hope you will visit us soon and experience it for yourself.

Our Products:

Handcrafted customized jewellery available in White Gold, Yellow Gold, Rose Gold and Platinum
Wedding Bands
Proposal Rings
Diamond / Gems / Pearls / Jade / Semi-precious stones

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